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Nikhil Arun

Program Manager, Microsoft Advertising Platform


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You Can Now Copy and Paste Ads and Keywords in Bing Ads

Are you one of the many advertisers with similar ads and keywords across different campaigns in a single account? Ever find yourself wishing you could just copy and paste those ads and keywords from one part of an account to another? Now you can! How to Use Copy and Paste Say you want to copy the keyword list from an existing ad group you already have into a new ad group you’re building, so you don’t have to start from scratch. In your Campaigns page, simply select which keywords you want to...

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Find out if your keywords are working in just one step

Do you want to know whether a particular keyword is triggering your ads and, if not, why? Beginning today, that answer is just one step away from your Campaigns page. With the new inline keyword diagnosis tool, you can make smarter connections to achieve more by gathering information about your keywords when you need it, without a bunch of pesky clicks. Get started Navigate to the Keywords tab in your Campaigns page and locate the keyword you're interested in. Hover over the ellipsis icon (“…”)...

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Take a Guided Tour of Bing Ads

We frequently hear from advertisers that it would be great to just have someone to walk you through key tasks like how to create a remarketing list, keyword, automated rule, or target. We are pleased to announce that step-by-step assistants called Guided Tours have now launched in the web interface, per your feedback. We invite you to check out our first four Guided Tours: Remarketing Tour: Create a remarketing list Keyword Tour: Add and edit keywords Campaign Settings Tour: Learn how to set...

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Changes coming to Bing Ads due to Content Ads Deprecation

As Rakesh outlined earlier, as part of our ongoing effort to ensure high quality traffic for you, in early August we will stop serving Content Ads on Microsoft, Yahoo and our network of websites. These ads represent less than 2% of traffic on our network. As the only remaining content advertising option is available only for customers in the United States (serving content ads in Windows media and Windows apps), there will be a set of small changes that happen automatically that I will outline...

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The top 10 usability improvements to the Bing Ads web interface this year

As Dare promised in our 2015 priorities, we are concentrating on saving you time and making your more productive. As we listened to your feedback, we realized that in addition to large features, there are many smaller items which help usability that we can deliver to make the product easier for you to use. Hence, we now have a team of engineers dedicated to these type of fixes who have been shipping changes that you have asked for on a weekly basis since January! Every one of these changes is in...

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