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Neha Garg

Senior Program Manager, Ad Quality


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Ad quality year in review 2017

Search advertising plays a crucial role in the digital economy because almost every consumer decision journey today begins with an online search. It is a win for both advertisers and users as it helps users find information faster by promoting relevant businesses. Despite the positive aspects, like any online marketplace, search advertising is also vulnerable to bad actors. Bad actors create content that violates Bing Ads editorial policies and puts Bing users, good advertisers, and publishers at risk to reel in potential victims. This is nothing new, and we constantly work to mitigate risk associated with new attack vectors targeting different search results.

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Ad Quality Year in Review 2015

Online advertising plays a big role in keeping many online services low cost or free of charge. This is a win for both users and website owners, however, it can also attract questionable actors, who are constantly looking for ways to push their low quality or even dangerous content to unsuspecting users, convincing them to take action they may not have intended. In really malicious cases, bad ads may cause users to lose personal information, or infect their devices. Protection is needed to...

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How to lose a lead in seconds

The destination URL or Final URL is a critical component of the ad copy as it leads search users to the targeted content on an advertiser’s website. An incorrect destination/final URL in an ad leading to a 4XX error such as 404 will result in a frustrating user experience as the users will not find the product or service they are expecting to see after clicking the ad. From an advertiser point of view, a click on an ad with a broken URL will not convert, hurting return on investment or ROI. 4xx...

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