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Jane Graziele

Senior Partner/Channel Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising Brazil

BLOG POSTS BY Jane Graziele

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Expand your reach to Latin America with Bing Ads

As I stated in my recent post on the advertising opportunity in Brazil, international shopping is on the rise. If you ship internationally, then there is no time like the present to expand your PPC campaigns beyond the US to reach new audiences in Latin America. Here's a quick summary of why you should consider advertising internationally with Bing Ads, visit the full infographic for more tips and links to resources: Questions, comments? Feel free to ping us on Twitter.

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Advertising internationally with Bing Ads

The world is no longer restricted to buying locally; today's discerning consumer is travelling the world via the web from the comfort of their sofa to find unique products at the best price. Borders don’t apply online and international shopping is on the rise. To provide an example, here's a quick snippet from a full infographic on international advertising that highlights the opportunity for advertisers who are considering tapping into the market in Brazil: With numbers like this, there's a...

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