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Head of Brand Studio, Microsoft Advertising

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The Download, Episode 3: Digital transformation, growth, and change

Change is happening fast and furious all around us. What should your business do to keep up? What should you do to adapt? We will address these questions in our newest episode of The Download, which is focused on CHANGE.

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Introducing a new video series: The Download

Introducing The Download: a new video series to keep you up to speed on our brand, thought leadership, products and business culture. Episode 1 is out now, with insights on business recovery from COVID-19, and how companies are using human-centric design.

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2020 Vision: Trends to define the next decade

Technology helps empower us, but technology can’t make business decisions for us — people still matter. Read the Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio’s findings on the intersections of technology and people’s behavior, and how they impact your brand.

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Become a learn-it-all by listening to Insights with Microsoft

Don’t have time to read all of our insights? Listen to them instead! Insights with Microsoft is a daily subscription podcast of insights for marketers, and is also voice-activated, so you can listen by simply using voice commands on the platform of your choice.

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