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Christina de Guzman

Audience Marketing Manager, Microsoft Advertising

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An adult and two children laugh together while playing on some pillows.

Retail holiday video: insights, audiences, and ad campaign optimizations

Make the most of your holiday advertising with a fun video that'll keep you up to date on the latest trends this season, changing consumer attitudes, and how to optimize your ad campaigns for success.

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Open Perspectives: Building a trusted brand

Microsoft Advertising checked in with industry leaders, academics, and activists across the world to explore the benefits of a building a purpose-driven marketing strategy. Get a summary of our research, and actionable insights from our contributors.

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Guide to growth: First-party data & the Microsoft Audience Network

The richness and power of high-quality, permissioned first-party intent data has never been more important. Microsoft Audience Network helps reach consumers in the upper funnel and move them quickly to conversion, causing meaningful lift in Search results.

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Open Perspectives: Our collective journey to an equitable future

As an industry, we have a responsibility to build trust with consumers and support a more inclusive future. In the Open Perspectives virtual events from Microsoft Advertising, we discuss our collective journey to an equitable future.

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