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Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft

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What is your customer profiling really doing for you?

Is your profiling enabling you to deliver tailored-fit, seamless interactions? We’ve gathered cutting-edge data and uncovered ways top marketers are rethinking customer profiling, to deliver highly personalized, customer-centric experiences and touchpoints.

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Goodbye funnel, hello flywheel

The rapid pace of digital disruption has upended marketing strategies. Learn why the traditional marketing funnel is losing relevancy and let us introduce you to a modern marketing model that is helping brands thrive in the digital era: the flywheel.

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Dispelling 3 myths of modern marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, change is the only constant, making it hard for today’s marketers to decipher fact from fiction. Dig into the data and take a closer look at three common myths affecting the decisions that we as marketers make every day.

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New report tackles tough questions on voice and AI

When it comes to voice technology and conversational AI, there's been a lot of talk and a lot of speculation. The Microsoft Market Intelligence team teamed up with Bing Ads, digging into these tough questions to find out what consumers are saying.

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Bing Ads Blog reflections on 2017

This fast-paced world of paid promotion and online advertising can change quickly even within a single year. I met up with the Bing Ads blog team to review our most popular posts and extract some 2017 insights to help boost our readers’ strategy as we move into the new year.

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