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Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft

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Personalization, privacy and trust in the age of the empowered consumer

Marketers are focused on personalizing customer interactions, but a gap exists between consumer expectations and the perceived value of sharing personal data. Learn more in Consumer Privacy & Trust research from Microsoft Advertising and iProspect.

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Top marketers’ secret recipe for increasing customer engagement

High CXQ Performers have discovered how to deliver on customer expectations by calling upon a blend of human creativity and machines. By harnessing AI and cognitive services, they can engage customers at scale in a personalized manner.

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Strategies for unprecedented times

These are unprecedented times. There are no playbooks for what to do next, but what’s certain is that consumer behavior is shifting, and we need to adjust our methods. Here are a few strategies, with a fresh approach that reflects the “new normal.”

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Top-performing marketers meet customers along their journey

The job of marketers is to persuade consumers to make a purchase. However, before marketers can wield that influence, they need to understand those they want to persuade. The most impactful marketers are focused on the customer experience.

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Delivering on the customer experience imperative

Advanced technologies and seemingly infinite consumer choices make it imperative for brands to deliver a great customer experience. Marketers are in a unique position to drive this engagement with customers across channels through a variety of touchpoints.

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