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Financial Services marketing in the new economy

March 2021

Insights & trends
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Learn how the pandemic has shifted search behaviors and how to capitalize on them


Consumer behaviors have shifted, so how do you adapt to maintain business continuity? What are the steps your brand should take to support a steady recovery? 

Join us to learn more about the solutions you will need to implement in the new economy. Discover practical insights and useful tips for your vertical categories specific to banking, credit card, loan and lending; along with applicable product solutions to help you navigate the current challenges facing the financial services industry.

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Carrie Liu

Analytical Lead | Financial Services | Advertising Analytics Insights Group

Microsoft Advertising

Carrie is the Analytical Lead for Financial Service at Microsoft Advertising, helping digital marketers seize their opportunities with actionable insights and data-driven strategies. With more than 8 years of experience in analytics and digital marketing, Carrie is a strong believer in the power of data for business transformation and growth. She is currently working on machine learning solutions to further empower businesses to unlock their potentials with predictive insights.    

Kevin Salat

Product Marketing Manager

Microsoft Advertising

Kevin is a Product Marketing Manager on the Microsoft Advertising team, focused on growth solutions for customers. Prior to Microsoft, Kevin worked at iProspect and graduated from the University of Notre Dame. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys both solving and making crossword puzzles and going on long bike rides. 

Stein Broeder

Senior Marketing Communications Manager

Microsoft Advertising