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The impact of highly visual ads done right

  Article , Success stories leverages Multimedia Ads to expand non-brand presence with highly engaging visual ads

Expand online presence while achieving strong ROAS wanted to scale their advertising efforts to reach new travelers and secure more bookings in a hyper competitive market.

Leverage visually appealing ads to attract new customers

To attract more travelers to the site, implemented Multimedia Ads across their top non-brand ad groups. This highly visual ad type allowed them to win more auctions in competitive non-brand searches. Ultimately, it enabled them to scale their reach to new high-value customers while achieving their high ROAS goals through additional bookings. strategy impact results were 66% better ROAS on Multimedia Ads, 38% more efficient CPA, and 4% more efficient CVR.

Reaching goals through multiple solutions

Example of a ad on the search engine results page.

As a brand, knew that they could leverage the wide range of marketing tools from Microsoft Advertising. With Multimedia Ads, they knew they could attract the attention of new high-value customers in competitive non-brand searches. Conversion Tracking helped them to measure their online engagement, while also giving them access to tools and insights to help them optimize their campaigns for greater impact.

Multimedia ads have empowered us to win conversions on non-brand queries that we would never typically win in the traditional SERP auction. As an early adopter, we were able to stand out from the pack and acquire net new customers through visually engaging.

— Tatiana Baptista, Sr. Director of Digital Marketing

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