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Upgraded URLs are coming to Bing Ads

Updated March 2016: Note that the timing information contained in this post is outdated. The teams working on Upgraded URLs will be inviting customers to pilot in early 2016. Reach out to your account manager if interested in participating. We antici...

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Relaxing Constraints Around Keyword Normalization in Bing Ads Editor

Keyword normalization is the process by which extraneous characters, such as punctuation marks, are removed from both keywords added to Bing Ads campaigns and customer queries entered when searching with Bing. When it comes to setting up your Bing...

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Advertisers Benefit with the New Bing, Bing Ads

Several days ago, David Pann blogged about the positive momentum we are seeing in the search business here at Microsoft, momentum that includes recent Bing Ads feature releases as well as growth across the Yahoo Bing Network. That momentum...

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Call for Pilot Participants! Bulk Editing in Bing Ads Web UI Coming Soon

To save you time we are introducing “Edit in Web Excel,” a new tool that utilizes the bulk editing power of Microsoft Excel to help you manage thousands of keywords more quickly than ever. If you don’t have Excel or if you have a Mac this tool...

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Bing Ads Editor Diary: How to Build Up a Quality Campaign with Speed – Part II

In Part I, I described the importance behind Bing Ads Editor’s Import and Export functions as they relate to helping you best assemble an online advertising campaign. Remember that your campaign updates should be bookended by the following...

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