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Achieve more with the redesigned Microsoft Advertising

At Microsoft Advertising, we’re committed to helping you achieve more with your business. To accomplish this, we’re fueled and shaped by your feedback. In addition to the product improvements and platform enhancements in our 2019 recap a few weeks ago, we’ve also heard from many of you that managing your campaigns and accounts should be more user-friendly and streamlined.
As a result, we’ve been working on a series of changes to modernise the look, feel, and functionality of our product. Our key goal with these changes is to help you more easily and intuitively manage ads on one of the world's leading advertising platforms. We’re ready to unveil a preview of what we’ve been working on, and we’re inviting you to join us on a test drive of the redesigned Microsoft Advertising. We’re excited to partner with you to help reshape Microsoft Advertising.

Easier access to your campaigns and your results

The new Microsoft Advertising will be more than just a facelift. In the redesign, you will find that everything you need to reach your advertising goals will be right where you expect it to be.
There will be a new global menu bar that appears on the top of every page. Use the global menu to switch accounts, quickly access tools and settings like ad preview, shared library, conversion tracking, Google Import, and more. If you cannot find a page or tool, use the search box to quickly find it.
The main menu on the far left will allow quick-and-easy access to your campaigns. Use the main menu to deep dive into specific campaign types, campaigns, and ad groups. As you navigate your campaigns, you will find that the page menus adapt to only display the pages and data that are applicable to your campaign.

Overall, we've reorganised the navigation menus with a focus on your productivity. You will find that you will spend less time working through the clutter of tools and menus, allowing you to accomplish key tasks more quickly.

Product view of the new Microsoft Advertising global menu’s search box.
The global menu’s search box has the text call typed in, and the following search results are displayed: Call extension, Callout extension.

A new, modern design

This redesign represents a new, principled design approach that is centered on your feedback and contributes to an open, cross-platform design system. The redesigned Microsoft Advertising will be a member of the Microsoft Fluent design community, allowing our product to continuously maintain the newest, most modern design principles for you.
Microsoft Fluent design affords you a clean, light, and open ecosystem to help you focus on what you are trying to achieve. With Microsoft Fluent design, you may find that the redesigned Microsoft Advertising feels familiar to other Microsoft products as well as other advertising platforms. We’ve applied colors selectively and added the right amount of spacing around page elements, tables, graphs, and forms in order to reduce fatigue and information overload as well as draw your attention to the items that matter. Our overall goal with the new, modern design is that you are better focused on achieving positive results with fewer distractions.

Product view of the redesigned Microsoft Advertising interface, showing the new navigation regions together with the overview page.
Screenshot of the full redesign, showcasing the new navigation regions together with the Overview page.

Easier access to your accounts in the previous Microsoft Advertising experience

In addition to this month’s updates to multi-account management, we’re refreshing the accounts navigation to make the experience better for all users managing their accounts and billing. These changes are now in preview in the previous experience and will be coming to the redesign soon. You’ll see two key updates:
  • A new accounts tab: Accounts & Billing is no more. The new Accounts tab is now your centralised hub to manage all your accounts.
  • An updated dropdown gear menu: Use this menu for quick and easy access to your billing and account access settings.
Product view of the new Microsoft Advertising accounts tab.
The new Accounts tab in the previous Microsoft Advertising experience. The Accounts tab has 4 subpages: Performance, Management, Notifications, and Requests. The Management page is selected showing a table of accounts with different options available like Create account, Account settings, Billing & Payments, etc.

Join the conversation: Help reshape Microsoft Advertising

You’re invited to participate in our early preview of the new Microsoft Advertising. Please note that some features and pages are not yet available for preview. The redesign is available for the most used tasks now, and we will provide updates throughout the next year as the preview expands with more features and adapts to your feedback. During the preview period, you’ll have access to both the new and the previous Microsoft Advertising experiences, and you can easily switch between the two experiences at any time.
Interested? To join the preview, please contact your Microsoft Advertising account manager. If you do not work with a Microsoft employee to manage your advertising with us, then you can reach us directly through this survey. After contacting us, you can expect the preview to become available for your account within 7 – 14 days.
We're listening, and we appreciate the time you make to partner with us. For any questions about the redesigned Microsoft Advertising please reach out to your Microsoft Advertising account manager or contact support. You can also ping us on Twitter, suggest a feature on the Microsoft Advertising Feature Suggestions Forum, or send an email to
Thank you for being on this journey with us!