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Keep your accounts running easily with recurring insertion orders

It can be difficult to stay on top of your accounts to make sure they stay live and having to worry about creating new insertion orders (IOs) in the product each time. Now, with recurring insertion orders, you can create a series of insertion orders that automatically renews according to a set frequency. You no longer have to worry about that next IO, and you still have the flexibility to manage IOs individually.

This is a need currently unmet in the search advertising space. Recurring insertion orders help facilitate your insertion order management and grant you the peace of mind to keep your accounts running with ease.

Product view of recurring insertion order option

How do I create an insertion order?

When you’re in your Accounts & Billing page, click the Insertion Orders tab. Clicking Create order now gives you the second option of Create a recurring insertion order.

Product view of creating a recurring insertion order

You can name the series in a way that'll help you identify a grouping of orders. Then, select a frequency (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly or yearly) and a series end date. You can select a specific end date for the series, have it end after a number of occurrences or allow orders to recur indefinitely.

Once you’ve created the recurring insertion order series, you can see the details of your recurring insertion order in the tab by adding columns for Series name, Frequency and Series status. You can also edit the recurring insertion order after it’s set, and you have the flexibility to edit just one insertion order or the entire series.

Product view of editing a recurring insertion order

For more information on insertion orders, please visit How do I create and edit an insertion order?

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