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Launched: Bing Ads Platform Health Updates

We’re always thinking of ways to make your working life easier, which is why we’ve launched Bing Ads Platform Health Blog:

We hope nothing ever goes wrong but when something does we’d like you to know what’s happening, give you updates, workarounds if available and give you the green light when all is back to normal.


Example of a Bing Ads platform update

How it works:

The main Platform Health Blog page at shows a status icon, which will turn orange when Bing Ads is impacted by an issue, and red if there is an outage and green when an issue has been resolved. The details of the issue will appear below, including the time it started, which parts of Bing Ads are affected, and any known workarounds. We’ll post regular updates as our engineering team investigates and resolves the issue. Once it’s fixed, we’ll keep showing the post on the main page for 24 hours. After that, you can see it in our “Older Issues” archive. You can also subscribe to our RSS feed to automatically see a notification in your browser or RSS reader when a new post appears.

Please visit to see our latest updates, sign up to the RSS feed or follow us on Twitter.