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Bing Smart Search: A New Way to Discover and Connect

Bing is committed to one thing: delivering great results for consumers and advertisers alike. Our goal is to give everyone the tools they need to get things done faster and easier.

More Intelligent and Relevant Results

As you might have seen already, Windows 8.1 takes Bing a step further with Bing Smart Search. This new feature, first announced during Windows 8.1 preview, will deliver a new way to search, giving consumers a faster way to find what they need no matter where it lives – whether it’s on a document, a PC, a photo album in the cloud, an app, or a website. And it does so with a single, intelligently curated, and beautifully organized set of results. There’s no need to open a browser – Smart Search is ready on the Start page, or anywhere else in Windows 8.1 that a consumer’s daily activities take them.  

Smart Search connects consumers with advertisers who offer the products or services they are looking for when it’s relevant and useful to helping them complete a task.  When comparing Smart Search results with traditional search engine results pages, we learned that people like what they find, preferring Smart Search results.

Here are a few reactions from consumers testing Smart Search:

  • “Good for searching for a product.”
  • “Easier to know what each search result is about.”
  • “A way to avoid ‘junk’ results.”
  • “Fewer good choices are better than too many.”

Visually Rich Search Experience

When a consumer opts to view web results, search listings are presented in larger formats, making them easier to engage with from a touch-screen device. Web previews embedded in the search listings help consumers recognize and connect with the brand or business that they are looking for.  Plus, integrated Bing Ad Extensions such as site links, official site annotations, and merchant ratings help consumers find what they need and complete their tasks more quickly. That means more clicks and connections for advertisers, and greater efficiency for consumers.

Protects Consumers’ Privacy

As always, Microsoft works to protect consumers’ privacy. Ads shown in Bing Smart Search web results are based only on a user’s keyword queries. Microsoft will not access, view or use any information from consumers’ local devices for the purpose of delivering search ads.

Search ads are only included in the web results portion of search results, never in any device or local file search results. Furthermore, people can easily opt out of receiving web results from Bing Smart Search in their PC settings, or scope their searches so they search only files, settings, apps, or specific types of information from the web. For more information on how to control how your information is used to target ads, please visit

So, take Windows 8.1 and Bing Smart Search for a spin. You’ll like what you find.

Stay tuned.