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A View Into Tomorrow at Bing Ads Next

Today on the Microsoft campus, our Bing Ads team gathered a select group of marketers, press and digital advertising agency leaders from around the world to engage them in a conversation about the rapidly changing world of search advertising. Our goal was simple: bring these people together to help chart the course for where Bing Ads goes next.

At Bing Ads, our approach always starts with the individual Bing searcher. We know that you, our advertisers, have certain goals in mind when you run a campaign on Bing Ads, but our focus is about more than helping you exceed your campaign goals. We want to create search advertising that is simple, powerful and keeps the user’s experience top-of-mind, which ultimately will benefit our advertisers too.

To do this, we continuously challenge ourselves to improve the Bing Ads experience across all devices, while at the same time, removing friction from the Bing Ads planning and buying process. We have heard you tell us that you need us to streamline the process by which you run your campaigns, and we’re listening.

You’ve told us that we’re doing a good job at both simplifying and enhancing our offerings and to stay the course. Here is what some of our advertisers have recently said on Twitter:

These past few weeks have been busy for us. We're building a stronger foundation for cross-device platforms by ensuring your Bing Ads experience is connected without interruption. We're also enabling you to improve performance through Bing ads by launching upgrades to Location Extensions and Call Extensions with Call Analytics.

These products are geared to enable task completion for Bing users, and offer improved performance and greater ease of use for you, our advertisers. Some of you are already seeing strong results from these offerings; our data shows that mobile ads with call extensions can drive up to 30% greater click-through rates when compared to other mobile ads. We have also seen that adding Location Extensions drives 10-30% improvements in click-through rates for advertisers with local stores.  

Also shared today at the aforementioned gathering was some information about the pilot of a new search ad concept in Bing Smart Search called “Hero ads”. Bing Smart Search is a visually rich search experience designed to allow Bing users to get things done faster.

Aligned with this new visually rich search for faster task completion, we are currently running the pilot of Hero ads, which can appear when users are searching for certain brand-specific information in Bing Smart Search. The goal of Hero ads is to enable searchers to quickly find the most relevant information and complete the most popular tasks for the brand they are specifically searching for via a beautiful visual and interactive experience created in partnership with our brand partners.

Here’s an example of what the current pilot of Hero ads product looks like:

Microsoft is testing the Hero ads experience with a short list of brands in the US, including Land Rover, Jaguar, Home Depot, Norwegian Cruise Line, Radio Shack, Hertz, Volkswagen and a few additional popular brands. We will continue to solicit feedback from both users and marketers during this pilot and will use those learnings to create an experience that works best for advertisers and Windows 8.1 users.

Today’s Bing Ads Next event, and the accompanying announcements, are perfect examples of how we’re both listening to our customers and “delivering the goods.”  We look forward to sharing more information about how we are taking customer insights and using them to build the best possible search advertising platform in the industry.