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VIDEO: Use the Bing Ads Auction Insights Report to Gain a Competitive Edge (US Only)

We announced earlier this week that we had recently added Auction Insights to the Bing Ads Web UI, but in that announcement, we didn’t go into too much detail about how exactly to use it, and in what scenarios you would find it helpful -- that’s what we’re here to do today. 

Interested in getting a better ad placement?  Confused about a spike in CPC?  Check out this video for how Auction Insights can help:

If you're unable to view the video, or simply prefer a text example, read on to see how you might use Auction Insights to make an informed optimization decision.

Goal: Ensure Your Ads are Competitive

Let's say that you're reviewing the Bing Ads Keyword tab and you see that the CPC for one of your top keywords has increased by 30% since last week, while the impressions, clicks and average positions seems to have only slightly dropped. What happened? Check the Auction insights report on the Keyword tab!

  1. By adjusting the selected date range, you can pull Auction insights data for the selected keyword this week and the prior week so you can compare it to the other advertiser’s movements.
  2. You observe that your impression share dropped, while two other advertisers’ impression share and position above rate increased significantly in the same week. 
  3. You can further cross-check the Share of Voice report for validation, where you observe that you lost more impression share due to ad rank for that week. 

The Auction Insights data provides the following information: 

  • Your eligible traffic size increased this week, but your impressions are almost stable and the impression share dropped significantly.  
  • Other advertisers are pushing up in your targeted marketplace.
  • Your ad rank is less competitive this week, given that your CPC increased while the average position stayed even, and impression lost due to rank increased. 

Now that you see the where the opportunities to keep your ads showing more often are, you could raise the bid or optimize quality score  to keep your ads competitive in the ad auction.

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