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Bing Ads Editor features Labels (now for Mac users), Structured Snippets, and enhanced Revert Changes

Following the release of labels in Bing Ads Editor for Windows last August, we are pleased to let you know that labels are now also available in the Bing Ads Editor for Mac. With this release, you will also be able to manage your Structured Snippets and revert changes for all items included in a campaign or ad group at one time.

Labels help improve organization for Mac

Using labels to organize your ad campaigns can help save you time. Bing Ads Editor for Mac now has a shared labels library, which allows you to create one shared label and then add that label to multiple campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords. Once you’ve added them, you can then filter your labels from advanced search to see only the items that are most meaningful to you. For example, you can create a shared labels library named “Summer promotion” and add this label to all the campaigns related to the summer promotions. Later, if you want to increase the budget for summer promotion campaigns only, you can filter them from advanced search and make the change.

Furthermore, you can efficiently bulk-manage your shared labels library as well as labels associated with other items. View our label help page to learn more.

Bing Ads Editor screenshot of shared labels for Mac

Bing Ads Editor screenshot of shared labels for Mac

Structured Snippets bulk management now available

Structured Snippets enable you to highlight specific aspects of your products and services that are important to you. First, select a header to provide the context for what it is you want to emphasize. From there, simply specify snippets of text you want to pair with your header.  For example, select “Brand” as a header, then enter “Windows, Azure, Xbox, and Skype” as the snippets of text.


With this release, you can easily manage your Structured Snippets in bulk. Bing Ads Editor has shared Structured Snippet Extensions, which enables you to create one shared Structured Snippet, and then associate it with your account or multiple campaigns or ad groups. Available now for Windows users and coming soon for Mac users.

Shared Structured Snippet Extension

Revert changes with a simple click

Manage your campaigns more efficiently by using the new Revert with all included items option. This allows you to revert your changes to all items included in a campaign or ad group at once. In other words, when clicking this option while selecting a campaign, all changes within the campaign, including the ad groups, keywords, and ad extensions within the ad group, will be reverted to the prior state. Available now for both Windows and Mac users.

Bing Ads Editor bulk revert screenshot

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