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5 Things You Can Do to Help Drive Local/Mobile Customers to Your Business

If you missed last month's post from Anna Hughes, How to Reach Your Local and Mobile Customers with Bing Ads, you may want to read through it prior to looking at this post; it provides a lot of great context around the mobile opportunity that you, as an advertiser, may be missing out on if you're not targeting your local, mobile audience.

Now, assuming you've read Anna's post, or else are already on board with expanding awareness about your business to potential customers who may be on-the-go while searching for the products and services you offer, I want to call attention to a couple of Bing Ads features that are particularly useful when it comes to local/mobile advertising.

Location Targeting

This one is pretty basic and applicable to all types of campaigns for brick & mortar businesses like retail shops, restaurants, etc. If you're trying to attract people who live or work nearby where your business is located, you should have location targeting implemented in your campaigns to ensure that your ads are reaching the right people who're in the right place, and as far as mobile goes, at the right time. To get started, check out the How to Target Customers page in the Support section.

Location Extensions

While searching on Bing, have you ever noticed some of the ads appear with a street address that you can click on for directions to that location? The reason why those ads show up with that information is because the campaign owner has enabled the location extensions feature. If you're managing PPC campaigns for a business that would absolutely benefit from being visible and easy to find for customers like tourists, those new to the area or nightlife/entertainment seekers, you should consider implementing location extensions among your campaign settings must-haves.

Call Extensions

Like location extensions, call extensions allow you to advertise your business's phone number as part of your ad. Customers viewing it on a mobile device will be able to simply tap the number to dial it. This feature could be particularly valuable to businesses that depend on call volumes, e.g. practices or firms that set appointments, restaurants that accept reservations, etc. If your primary form of contact with prospective customers is through a phone call, you should get started with call extensions in your Bing Ads campaigns.

Sitelink Extensions

Similar to location and call extensions, having sitelink extensions enabled in your Bing Ads campaign means that additional information will appear to potential customers who are searching on your keywords. Instead of an address or a phone number, sitelink extensions offer users another layer of detail in terms of which page of your site they want to land on when they visit it. To see how they work, check out the Bing Ads Sitelink Extensions video.  To implement them in your campaigns, visit the How to enable, edit or delete Sitelink Extensions page in the Support section.

Bing Places for Business

If you haven't already claimed your free Bing Places for Business listing, there's no time like the present. Not only does being listed  in Bing Places for Business give you an online presence whether you have a web site or not, you can also showcase your business with photos and information on specialities and services provided. Visit the Bing Places for Business web site to learn more.

NOTE: The information contained in this blog post is intended for agencies and advertisers that are self-managed or supported by Microsoft.  If you are an agency or advertiser managed by Yahoo, the details therein may not be applicable, and you are encouraged to contact your Account Representative for more information.

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