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Advertiser Control: Bing Ads Search Partners - What You Need to Know

Bing Ads Supports Advertiser Control

It was just a couple weeks ago that Bing Ads came out in support of giving more control and transparency to advertisers, not less. But did you know that for years Bing Ads has given control over a huge part of the search traffic you get and transparency into which sites are driving clicks and sales? It's called Bing Ads Search Partners, and it's something you should be using to help improve your ROI.

Bryant_With Bing Ads You Are in Control

What Are Search Partners?

Search Partners are all of the search websites outside of Bing and Yahoo! Search, which are part of the Yahoo! Bing Network. They can be big publisher sites, or smaller vertical sites. Most of them are focused around specific verticals like, a health site, or home improvement. The important thing is when users search on these sites, they can see your ads and they can help you find new customers.

But, just like some keywords perform better than others for you, there are some Search Partners which will perform better for you as well. The beauty is that you can actually see where your search ads are showing and if those sites are driving you business or not. The control is in your hands, or mouse and keyboard as it may be.

Choosing Where to Target your Ads

Bing Ads gives you the ability to choose which networks you target at the ad group level. There are two ways to get to the choosing of which networks you want to target. The first is through the Bing Ads UI (website) under the ad group you want to change.

Bryant_Ad distribution settings

And the second is through Bing Ads Editor (which you can download here). This is the desktop tool Bing Ads provides which is great for bulk changes. Just go to the ad groups tab and at the bottom you will see the targeting options. You can also select more than one ad group and change the settings.

Bryant_Ad distribution

You Said I Could See What Is Working?

I sure did. Bing Ads has an awesome little report tucked away in the reports area of the Bing Ads UI. It's title “Website URL,” or what I call the Search Partner report. It is really simple to run.


You can filter which campaigns or ad groups you would like to check as well as which columns to include. An important note here is if you do not have Bing Ads Campaign Analyticsand conversion tracking set up all you will be able to see is impressions, clicks, ctr etc. But if you do have it setup correctly you could even see, conversions, and CPA by Search Partner.


One other FYI to help make sure you are always pulling the correct data, is under filters, make sure to select only Search not Content. This way in case you haven't implemented best practices of breaking out Search and Content into different campaigns you, will only get the Search Partner data.

Bryant_Filter Ad Distribution

So I have the data... now what?

Now you can perform some Excel magic and filter to those "website URLs" which do not hit your CPA targets. Once you have those, it is a pretty quick implementation to copy the list of URLs or Search Partners and add them in as exclusions. To do this again you can use either the Web UI or Bing Ads Editor.

I like Bing Ads Editor for this. It's simple quick and to the point. Go into the campaign you would like to exclude the sites from and at the bottom of the screen you will see Excluded Websites.

Bryant_Time Zone and Settings

Once you click on it another window will open up. Simply paste the list of URLs you got from the Search Partner report click "add" and then click "apply". It's that easy. You’re already improving your ROI.

Bryant_Add URLs Here

Using the Bing Ads UI is just as easy. Simply navigate to your campaign settings and under advanced settings open Exclusions. Paste your data and save. 


Now you are in control!

You now have one more tool in your arsenal to get the best ROI possible from your Bing Ads PPC campaigns. If certain search partners don't work for you,now you can exclude them. This is an advanced PPC technique, which has saved advertisers $1000s of dollars in less than optimal ROI spend. I don't know about you but I always love saving money. Even better is being able to take the money I saved and expand investment into keywords & sites which make the companies I manage PPC for even more revenue. 

About the Author:

Bryant Garvin has been doing PPC Management for over 7 years. He loves the control Bing Ads provides the companies he manages their PPC for, as well as having another channel to help them diversify. Having managed PPC in-house for Fortune 500 Brands he now helps many mid-sized and enterprise level companies get the most from their Paid Search. You can find him on Twitter @BryantGarvin or contact him through his PPC Management Agency - Get Found First.