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Boost your productivity with AI-powered performance insights

When unexpected performance changes happen within your account, the first question to ask is always “why?” But you shouldn't have to spend your valuable time doing detective work to get the answers. To help you find this information more easily, Bing Ads is pleased to announce the global availability of AI-powered performance insights. Performance insights bring you the built-in capability to dig into the data and access the valuable information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

How performance insights can help you

With performance insights, when a significant or unexpected change in your account performance is detected, Bing Ads’ machine learning automatically attempts to identify why it happened and proactively inform you. Let’s look at an example:

Product view of Bing Ads popup card showing performance insight details.
Popup card showing performance insight details.

In this example, we’re reviewing weekly impression performance. We can see that a performance insight is available via the insight light bulb icon, corresponding to the same day a dip in impressions occurred. After clicking on the light bulb, a popup card is revealed to explain why this dip in impressions occurred and suggested follow up actions that can be taken. We learn that our impression share has decreased due to other advertisers raising their bids. We can then drill down to learn more using the Competition tab. Once in the Competition tab, we verify that impression share has been slowly dropping over the past week, from the low 20’s down to 10%.

Product view of Auction Insights in the Bing Ads competition tab.
Competition tab Auction Insights.

Enlightened with this new insight, we now understand why our impressions dropped the way they did, how this scaled against our competitors and what we can do to win them back.

Performance insights are currently available in the Account performance trend chart for click and impression KPIs, at the daily time granularity. You’ll see an insight appear here if a significant change in performance occurred and Bing Ads is able to determine why.

Should you wish to remove this insight from the chart, you can simply click Dismiss this insight. Feedback can also be provided inline to help Bing Ads further improve the quality of the feature: 

Product view of performance insights feedback submission form.
Performance insights feedback submission window.

We’re excited to hear your feedback and how performance insights are helping save you time. In addition to providing feedback within Bing Ads online, we also encourage you to reach out to your Bing Ads account manager or directly to us at