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Stay on top of campaigns across platforms with Automated Imports

We understand that your priority is to run a successful business, so Bing Ads strives to let you spend less time monitoring campaigns and achieve more with us. One of the best ways to do that is through the Google Import tool, as it saves you time and allows you to reach more customers. While there continues to be significant improvements to support even larger accounts and getting greater feature compatibility, we’re really excited to share with you yet another way Google Import is evolving with you: introducing Automated Imports.


Schedule your imports from Google AdWords

With this new feature, we’re giving you the ability to set your campaigns from Google AdWords to automatically sync with Bing Ads. No more having to manually update the changes made in AdWords.  Automated Imports lets you stay on top of all your campaigns across both platforms more efficiently.


To get started, simply go through an Import like you would any other time: sign in to your Google AdWords account, choose the campaigns you’d like to import, and make any necessary adjustments in the Import Options section. At the end of the process, you’ll see the options to import now, once at a later date and time, or on a recurring basis: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

After you hit Schedule, you’ll see the Import Summary which confirms that your import has been scheduled, when it will run and how often it will sync. Afterwards, you can view your Import schedule & history to pause or edit currently scheduled imports and review any that have run in the past 90 days. If there are any errors, you’ll see a link to download an error file to review and take appropriate action.

We hope that Automated Imports allows you to manage your campaigns across ad platforms more efficiently. Stay tuned for updates on how Bing Ads is striving to make Google Import even more seamless for you, including better compatibility with multi-language targeting scenarios.

Questions? Comments?

Feel free to reach us on Twitter. You can also submit your ideas for how to improve this feature and Bing Ads in our feature suggestion forum.

Happy importing!