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Bing Ads Engineers Share Priorities and Prospects in 2015

As we mentioned in the Winter Release Summary, this week and next we'll be sharing some information on what’s coming from Bing Ads in 2015.  From new perspectives on the competitive landscape, to fresh perspectives on product priorities, here is a sampling of how our team’s leads are thinking about 2015. 

Hi, I’m Gagan, and my team is responsible for Search Marketplace, where consumer queries (supply) come together with Advertisers Ads (demand). The Marketplace Team focuses on understanding consumer intent (query, user, context) and advertiser intent (Ads, KWs, Targeting, Bids, and Budgets).

We also work on matching (matching ads with queries), ranking of ads, running the online ad auction, and composing rich and text ads for optimal presentation on the Yahoo Bing Network. Our objective is to deliver relevant ads to consumers and quality clicks to advertisers.

While our primary focus continues to be on delivering quality click volume (with great ROI) this year, we’ll invest in personalizing ad results for consumers (for example, age and gender), enabling audience targeting based on consumer activities on advertiser properties (example remarketing), richer and personalized ad compositions, and an acceleration in releases to global market.

We invite you to share your feedback and thoughts.

Gagan Chopra, Principal PM Manager

Bing ads Platform – Search Marketplace

Hi, I’m Dare and my team is responsible for campaign management experiences on, the Bing Ads Editor and the API.

Our focus this year is to make our advertisers more productive so that they can get more done in less time. In our web interface you will see this with the introduction of automated rules, bulk edit capabilities and other productivity enhancing features.

In Bing Ads Editor we are focused on stream lining the user interface and providing more flexibility when uploading, downloading or modifying campaigns to allow you to spend less time in the tool while getting more stuff done.

With the API, we’re working on making SDKs available in the most popular programming languages to reduce the development costs and time to market for customers who integrate with our platform via APIs.

With these changes we hope you have a more productive year with us.

Dare Obasanjo, Principal PM Manager

Bing Ads Platform – Campaigns

I'm Tak and my team is responsible for Ad Products, including Rich Ads (annotations and extensions) and Product Ads.

As we come off of a successful holiday season, I'm excited to share what we have in the works. On the Product Ads side, our top focus is to deliver another dramatic increase in click volume over the course of the year. This will be achieved by product and algorithm improvements, as well as driving up the Product Ads footprint across surfaces. We are also going to be making improvements on all the interfaces to make it fast and easy to onboard and manage Product Ads. You can also expect more advertiser insights, including the Share of Voice report and more.

On the Rich Ads side, we will continue to make the ads more appealing and information-rich with relevant annotations. We will also be rolling out new extensions that you will be excited about, such as App Extensions and App Install Ads.

Do let me know if you have other ideas that we should be thinking of!

Tak Yan, Principal PM Manager

Bing Ads Platform – Ad Products

Hi, I’m Erez and my team delivers analytic data into Bing Ads, all the data that you use to see results and make informed choices about your campaigns.  In the upcoming year, we’ll focus on providing analytics with valuable insights with increased efficiency.  Your time is valuable, and we want you to have fresh data and familiar inline workflows in Bing Ads.  

You’ll find faster and fresher data, the ability to save how you prefer to see data within Bing Ads, the ability to create reports within the Campaign workspace, and a more stable API.  The objective is to make your time with Bing Ads to be more efficient.

You’ll also experience deep marketer insights that provide you with rich information to make informed decisions based on all your marketing investment channels, making your Bing Ads campaigns even more effective in meeting your goals.  We know that you want to reach the right audience, so we’ll be delivering the ability to create and optimize the experience for audience lists with our 'Remarketing' capabilities.

To me, success will be when our users feel empowered by Bing Ads analytics, and delighted by its convenience.  Do these priorities capture what’s most important to you?  Thank you for your feedback.

Erez Barak, Principal PM

Bing Ads Platform – Analytics

Hi, I’m Vishwa and my team is responsible for Ad quality which includes checks for policy compliance and checking for spam, malware and fraud related issues to ensure that ads shown to user are of good quality.

This year, we have three areas of focus.  We’re investing in improving accuracy of the ad quality decisions, reducing time to decisions so that your ads will be eligible to serve faster and reduce friction by improving overall ad quality experience.

We hope these improvements will ensure a better experience for you when using Bing Ads.

Vishwa Kumbalimutt, Principal Group PM

Bing Ads Platform – Editorial/Quality

I am Jingyi Xu and our team is responsible for Insights and Optimization on Bing Ads.

Our goal is to empower you to grow campaign effectiveness in meeting objectives with ease by providing a line of optimization products, which include: Bid & Budget Optimization (e.g. bid & budget suggestions and landscape), Keyword research and suggestion (e.g. Keyword Research Tool, AdIntelligence API, Bing Ads Intelligence), Diagnosis & Competitive Insights (e.g. Ad Preview & Diagnosis tool, Quality Score, Top Mover Reports), Competitive Insights (Auction Insights, Share-of-Voice, Quality Score) and Opportunities (e.g. Opportunity Tab, Optimizer API), etc.

 While we continue focusing on quality and effectiveness when evolving the existing insights nad optimization products, this year, we will further advance our product offering in the following areas:

●  Enable Automated Rule based bid suggestion adoption and Auto Bidding to help you scale bids management

●  Provide familiar inline workflow on suggestion, diagnosis & opportunities in Bing Ads.

●  Launch new “Home Tab” to provide executive summary view of account performance and highlight the anchor points to help you prioritize optimization workflows.

●  Provide personalized email notification regarding your account/campaign performance fluctuations & opportunities to help you monitor campaign performance with ease.

●  Support for Product Ads to help you make informed decisions during diagnosis and optimization.

●  Launch new Keyword Planner tool and incorporate Google Import with intelligent suggestions to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your campaign creation and importing process.

We'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions regarding the existing product and future roadmap.

Also, you are more than welcome to participate in our early adopter program, which helps us to not only build better products, but lets you reap the benefits of new features before they're released to the general public. If interested, feel free to email me directly: jixu (at) Microsoft dot com.

Jingyi Xu, Principal PM Manager

Bing ads Platform – Insight & Optimization

I am Supratim Roy Chaudhury and my team is responsible for product strategy and planning for Bing Ads. As the product teams begin building what’s next in the hopper, our team looks into industry trends and develops a product strategy that shapes and guides the next set of releases.

Headed into 2015 after a strong 2014, we believe that what it means to be “online” is rapidly being reshaped. All the platforms that we interact with are becoming inherently aware of, and deeply integrated with, the internet. We think that this will fundamentally change what we mean by “search.” Search engine marketing has been anchored to, and somewhat stagnated by, a keyword centric paradigm. As search engines evolve into this new era of “integrated and ambient intelligence” we believe Search Engine Marketing will also experience a paradigm shift.

We don’t believe, though, that anyone of us will stop typing things into a search box anytime soon. But as part of our responsibility to adapt early to trends in the industry, this year we are keeping a close eye on the following three areas:

●  Retail: Retail is one of the industries that have been going through tectonic shifts over the last 3-4 years and now it is fundamentally changing how we shop.

●  Unified marketing: For some of us who have been watching the online advertising industry for a while, Search and Display coming together forming a unified marketing language is a concept that had always made sense but never fully materialized. However, as these tactics matured, they have been coming ever closer together.

●  Personalization: Last, but definitely not the least, is how marketers talk to their target audience. Theoretically, it is always a marketers’ dream to talk to their customer in a one-to-one basis. But in practice we are still far away from those “minority report” scenarios. However, we believe change is coming. We are seeing the rise of Digital Assistance as a consumer tool in all the major platforms. With Windows 10, Cortana will be the most ubiquitously available digital assistant to the consumers, connecting experiences on phone, tablet, TV and now PC. And as a platform empowered by Bing, this could open up ways for marketers to expose all their products and services to in market consumers in a truly transparent, consumer-centric way. We won’t get there overnight, but we believe, personalization in marketing is going to be more and more pervasive as these technology mature.

Supratim Roy Chaudhury – Principal PM

Bing Ads Platform, Planning & Strategy

Hi, I’m Vaishali and my team is responsible for accounts and billing experiences on

Our focus this year is to make accounts and billing simple and seamless! Our goal is to deliver clear, intuitive, easy to use experiences so that our advertisers don’t need to worry about these fundamental elements, and can focus on being productive and maximizing effectiveness of their campaigns. You will see this with the introduction of various changes to sign-in, sign-up, account and wallet management, billing and invoicing.
We would love to hear if we succeeded in making your Bing Ads life easier!   

Vaishali De, Principal PM Manager

Bing Ads Platform – Accounts & Billing

Stay Tuned and Stay in Touch!

Join us here on the blog to review what's coming down our product pipeline in 2015.  There are definitely some surprises, and we hope you’ll let us know what you think.  Submit a comment or question below, visit our Feature Suggestion Forum, or reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook.


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