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2021 Open Perspectives Unplugged returns

Decorative image of graffiti on a white wall with a focus on one drawing of a heart with 'young people wake up' painted inside.
Microsoft Advertising’s live virtual event series launched in 2020 with conversations centred on diversity, equality, and inclusive marketing. The amazing sessions were off the record and created an open space for marketers to come together and connect. Key takeaways were captured in real time by sketch artist Tanja Wehr and are available in the recap blogs.  

This year, Open Perspectives Unplugged is back and invites everyone to take part. Do you want to make a positive impact for your organization and community? Do you want to celebrate diverse voices and explore inclusive solutions? If yes, register now for one or all of our upcoming sessions below. 

Register to all sessions

You can register to one or all three of the Open Perspectives Unplugged sessions, we look forward to virtually seeing you there!

Check out the amazing upcoming sessions over the next three months and you could be a driver for positive change in your community or organization.

Sustainable travel - the future of tourism

Sign up for the Sustainable Travel session on March 04 2021, 2.30pm (Europe/Dublin)

Banner with image of Jerome de la Chambre of Landal GreenParks, Alejandra Attal of Microsoft and Remona van der Zon of KLM

Join us for a panel discussion with travel experts who are pioneering and setting new industry standards. Panellists include Jerôme de la Chambre, Landal GreenParks; Alejandra Attal, Microsoft and Remona van der Zon, KLM. But can travel be more sustainable? Register to find out!

Speak up - why it matters for companies to take a stand 

Register now for the Speak Up session on April 29 2021, 2.30pm (Europe/Dublin)

Brands are discovering the advantages and rewards of finding the balance between purpose and financial gains. Learn what it means to take a stand without compromising your business model with insights from a panel of experts.

How truthful is your brand?

Book your spot for the How truthful is your brand session on June 10, 2021 at 2.30pm (Europe/Dublin)

Authenticity is increasingly demanded by consumers and reflected in advertising and marketing campaigns worldwide. Companies must examine their entire footprint and how they relay that ethos to their consumers – it means telling the truth. Discover how your brand can build trust throughout every facet of your organization.

If you missed the previous Open Perspectives Unplugged sessions, you can catch up on the key takeaways in the recap blogs:  
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