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Ready for Download: Updates and Enhancements in the Latest Version of Bing Ads Editor

Based on your feedback, the Bing Ads Editor team focused on a series of enhancements over the past three months to increase your return on investment (ROI) while using Bing Ads. Today, the Editor team is pleased to announce we have started an auto-upgrade process to deliver these enhancements.

You also can download the latest version of Bing Ads Editor (v10.1) at the Microsoft Download Center to adopt the updates listed below:
Improved Performance

•    Faster upload and download speeds
•    More responsive to requested actions

More Download Options

•    Quickly select all active or paused campaigns by using the status option
•    Speed up your downloads from Bing Ads online by getting only the data you want at the campaign or campaign plus ad group level

Improved Sync Results Window

•    Validate changes at a glance
•    Document results with ease

Enhanced Conflicts Resolution

•    New workflow allows you to manage conflicts directly and in bulk during the sync process

Smarter Find and Replace

•    Remembers the last entry in Find and Replace text, which can help streamline your workflow and increase productivity
•    Provides confirmation of how many records have been changed

Enhanced Browser and Edits Panes

•    Rename campaigns and ad groups directly in the Browser pane
•    Adjustable Edit pane to extend workspace
•    Clickable ad preview to validate landing page

Watch the Bing Ads Editor v10.1 tutorial video to see how these enhancements work together to increase your productivity with Bing Ads. We appreciate your continued support of Bing Ads and Bing Ads Editor, as your input made these enhancements possible.

As always, please keep your feedback coming.
Ping Jen
A Proud Member of Bing Ads Editor Team