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A Valentine from the Bing Ads Editor Team: Upcoming Enhanced Conflicts Resolution Workflow

If you're planning to celebrate Valentine's Day with that special someone today, no doubt you understand the potential for conflicts to arise due to unclear or ill-timed communication. While we can't help improve your interpersonal communication skills, one area where we can make a difference is in improving how campaign change conflicts are resolved through Bing Ads Editor.

Because multiple users can manage a Bing Ads campaign on various interfaces—such as  Bing Ads Web, API, Editor, and third-party tools— conflicts may result if the users make different changes to the same settings. Bing Ads Editor flags conflicting changes during  the Get Changes and Post Changes processes. You will be prompted to review the differences if the conflict resolution option (located at Tools/Options/Default) is set to “Ask me what to do each time.” 

To help increase your productivity, the upcoming Editor release will provide answers to the following questions in an effort to enable you to resolve conflicts directly without going through Conflicts View:

•    Have my Editor changes overriden other users' changes?
•    Have other users' changes overriden my Editor changes?


Existing Conflicts Resolution  Workflow


Upcoming Enhancements

Frequently Asked Questions

•    How can I learn more about the schedule of next Bing Ads Editor release?
We will keep you posted via the Bing Ads Blog and social media channels.

•    Does Bing Ads Editor provide the conflicts resolution notice every time conflicting changes are detected?  
If the conflict resolution option (located at Tools/Options/Default) is set to “Ask me what to do each time,” Bing Ads Editor will provide notification after detecting conflicts.  If the option is set to “Have my Editor’s changes override other users’ changes” or “Have other users’ changes override my Editor changes,” detected conflicts will be resolved automatically without notification.

•    What is the Conflicts View?
Conflicts View summarizes the conflicting changes in the Get Changes and Post Changes processes, and helps you address the differences individually or in bulk. You can access the Conflicts View  through the View drop-down menu.  When there are unresolved conflicts, you will receive a reminder and can access the Conflicts View by clicking the reminder’s “View Conflicts” button.

•    When does Bing Ads Editor run conflicts validation?
In each Get Changes and Post Changes process, Bing Ads Editor validates if there are conflicting changes since the last Get or Post took place.

•    Do the new options of “Have my Editor’s changes override other users’ changes” and “Have other users’ changes override my Editor’s changes” in the notification window take me to the Conflicts View?
No, all of the conflicts will be resolved immediately based upon your preference, without having to go through the Conflicts View.

•    Will the conflicts resolution choice I make during the Get/Post process be applied to future Get/Post processes?
No, it doesn’t apply to future Get/Post processes.  To set conflicts resolution preference for future Get/Post processes, please adjust conflicts resolution option located at Tools/Options/Default  

We hope you'll find that this new enhancement will improve your efficiency and productivity, please feel free to ask any questions or leave feedback in the comments below.

Ping Jen
A Proud Member of Bing Ads Editor Team