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New Bing Ads Essential Training Now Available on

Here at Bing Ads, we value training partners who help digital marketers learn new ways to increase their brand awareness and grow their business. We, too, are passionate about empowering advertisers around the world to accelerate their business growth through the power of paid search. We also know that, as a marketing channel, paid search takes consistent attention to leverage new insights, small changes made to campaigns, but it can yield excellent business growth. That’s why we’re excited to bring this new learning opportunity to our Bing Ads customers by one of the leading online educator websites,

The new Bing Ads Essential Training on can help you navigate your account more effectively, making you a Bing Ads expert in no time. As a Bing Ads customer, you can access this training free for 10-days to brush up on campaign basics, new features and tips to improve your ad performance. Initial feedback has been positive, rating the course a 5 of 5 with overall sentiment saying, “Excellent information. Clearly presented."

What is Bing Ads Essential Training?

Led by paid search expert, Joseph Kerschbaum, the Bing Ads Essential Training is an excellent end-to-end curriculum of 40 digestible topic videos. The format is easy to absorb, including a transcript of exactly what Kerschbaum is saying, making this an excellent format for paid search training for the hearing impaired as well as a detailed read-along. Furthermore, the entire transcript is clickable, so when you read a spot in the transcript of the video that you want to view, you can cue the video by simply clicking those words.

This training has something for everyone, including basics on topics ranging from how to open a Bing Ads account to a deeper exploration of topics like organizing campaigns, launching ad-testing variants, tracking pixels, and importing from other search networks, like Google Adwords.

What will I learn by taking Bing Ads Essential Training?

Not only will you learn the essentials in launching and managing a successful paid search campaign on the Yahoo Bing Network, but Kerschbaum also does a great job explaining why you need to pay attention to certain tactics, what to watch out for and info on specific features within topics—specifically how they can impact your performance on the Bing Ads platform.

Topics include:

  • The benefits of Bing Ads
  • Comparing Bing and Google
  • Creating your account
  • Setting up billing
  • Bing Ads Editor
  • Understanding the Yahoo Bing Network
  • Organizing campaigns and ad groups
  • Understanding keyword match types
  • Setting up campaign budgets
  • Setting keyword bids
  • Targeting options
  • Writing effective text ads
  • Importing campaigns from AdWords
  • Tracking ad performance
  • Understanding Quality Score
  • Bing Ads keyword research tool
  • Measuring performance
  • Running reports

How do I get started?

To get started building up your Bing Ads knowledge and learn how to accelerate your business by accessing the valuable audience on the Yahoo Bing Network, sign up for a special 10-day free access to and put Bing Ads Essential Training to work for you.

Questions? Comments? Feel free to ping me on Twitter.

MJ DePalma

Sr. Global Channel Marketing Manager

Global Search & Digital Solutions - Training & Education