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Budgeting, Importing & Tracking – Your Questions Answered

On the 12th of December Bing Ads hosted a webinar (see below) for new markets: the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Besides sharing information with you, you told us what topics you’d like to receive more information on. Read on if you’d like to know more about budgeting on Bing Ads, importing search campaigns from other engines and about the use of conversion - tracking.

Missed the webinar? Here is the recording


If you missed the webinar but you’d like to hear a recording of it click here. If you did not previously sign up you may have to register fist -which only takes two seconds- after which you can view the webinar. You can also download the slides of the presentation here.

Daily Standard – The best way to avoid paused campaigns when bidding

Some of you had questions around budgeting during the webinar. If you moved to Bing Ads from Yahoo! you’ll notice that budgeting works in a slightly different way than you were used to on Panama. Let us explain how it works on Bing Ads so that you can manage your budget in the most efficient way.

Before you can submit your ad campaign, you need to set a campaign budget amount and select a budget option. You can change your budget amount and budget options at any time.


We have three budget options available for you to choose from. When initially creating a campaign, we recommend you start with the
1.    ‘Daily – Standard’ budget type. This will help spread your ad impressions across the entire month, based on daily limits that you define. Your ads are also shown evenly throughout each day. This is always a good choice if displaying your ads all day long is important.

Once you get familiar with the performance of your ads, you might consider our other two options:

2.    ‘Daily - Accelerated ‘ Similar to “Daily - Standard” in that this budget type distributes your ad impressions across the entire month. However, what’s different is that with Daily - Accelerated, your ads are displayed as quickly as appropriate each day until your daily budget is depleted. Daily - Accelerated does not spread the ads out throughout the day, which means your ads may stop displaying before the day is gone. Consider Daily - Accelerated if you want to maximize impressions but are also are willing to monitor your budget daily so you can make adjustments if necessary.

3.    Monthly - The monthly budget type will serve your ads as quickly as appropriate (based on your keywords and bids) without spreading those impressions over the entire month. There is no daily cap. Similar to Daily - Accelerated, this means that your ads may stop displaying before the end of the month.
If you reach your daily or monthly limit – your accounts appear ‘budget paused’ and your ads won’t show. To prevent this you could either monitor your budget very closely or choose for the lower maintenance ‘daily standard’ setting. Read more about what happens when budgets run out here

Easily import your AdWords Campaigns Using Bing Ads in three simple steps

You spend time setting up a search account already and don’t want to start from scratch on Bing? No problem. It is quite quick and easy to import your campaigns into Bing Ads without any hassle. My colleague Tina recently wrote an excellent blog post on this topic so why not have a read here to see how you can get it sorted this morning (or afternoon – depending!).
It always pays off to monitor the performance of your campaign and tweak bit and pieces when you’re campaigns have been live for a bit so that they perform the best they can on Bing Ads.
Monitoring your campaign performance – conversion tracking keeps you informed
Which brings us to the subject of monitoring your campaign performance. Do you want to:

1.    Track your return on investment?
2.    Know what kind of customer buys your products?
3.    Know which of your keywords to promote to generate more sales or leads?
4.    Find out how visitors on your site behave between the time they click your ad and reaching your conversion step?
5.    Specific intelligence which helps you optimize your campaign as well as your website?

If your campaign has objectives such as drive purchases, email registrations or downloads, conversion tracking will give you grip on what the return on investment (ROI) of your efforts is. Using Bing Ads conversion tracking specifically will give you the most accurate information on your Bing Ads campaigns.


What to track and how?

It is hard to measure success if you are not sure about what success looks like so determining your goals is the first thing to do when you set up conversion tracking. You can find out what customers are up to on your site before they reach your goal (see ‘4’) by setting up steps. There are different kinds of steps you can set up. If you like examples of these steps then you can find some here.

A step by step guideline on how you set this up in Bing Ads can be found here.

After you enable Campaign Analytics, several new reports will be available to you. For example, the ‘conversions’ report provides data on impressions, clicks, conversions, revenue and more. This allows you to confirm that your campaign is meeting your revenue, cost and performance objectives (see ‘1’) The ‘goals’ report helps you track how visitors behave on your website between the time they click your ad and when they reach your conversion step (‘4’) giving you an idea of what they are like (‘2) do they dilly-dally? Do they click forward backward to information; do they perhaps need some reassurance? This information can help you optimize your website's design as well as the performance of your campaign (‘5’)

Questions? We’re always happy to help you via our Bing Ads Twitter handle (in English but we do speak Dutch!) but you can also contact our support team in your country directly :

Country Bing Ads Support Number
Netherlands 0800-020-5931
Denmark 80404960
Norway 800 62121
Sweden 020-120-3203
Finland 0800-523119