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Connect with other advertisers in the Microsoft Advertising Community forums. You can get help from Microsoft Advertising experts and ask questions of your peers around the world, browse answers to previous questions, or start your own discussion and share what you know.

How to get started

To post your own Microsoft Advertising question or start a new discussion, follow these easy steps:

  1. Visit our getting started page.
  2. Click the Participate menu and then click Ask a Question or Start a Discussion.
  3. Under Title and Details, type your question or topic in full.
  4. Select the Topic from the Microsoft Advertising Topic dropdown.
  5. Select the Post a question or Post a discussion radio button as appropriate.
  6. Click Submit.

Easily follow us with RSS

Rich Site Summary (RSS) lets you get posts to the forum delivered directly to your desktop through the browser or news aggregator application of your choice. You can then read and browse content from all sources in one list. To get started, visit the Microsoft Advertising forum RSS feed, then follow instructions from your browser or aggregator to connect the RSS feed to your subscription list.