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Netflix and Microsoft logos.

Celebrating one year of Netflix ads

Microsoft Advertising is collaborating with Netflix and advertisers to offer a variety of formats and experiences to reach highly engaged audiences.

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Person working on a laptop and a mobile at a coffee shop.

Microsoft Advertising and InMobi expand their collaboration

InMobi, a leading provider of marketing and monetisation technologies, announced the expansion of its collaboration with Microsoft Advertising to China, following India, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa.

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The Snapchat and Microsoft logos.

Microsoft Advertising partners with Snap to power Sponsored Links within Snapchat’s My AI chatbot

Microsoft Advertising is announcing a groundbreaking partnership with Snap. Learn more about Sponsored Links within Snapchat’s My AI and how to leverage this tool as an advertiser. If you’re interested in partnering with Microsoft, we’re here to help.

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