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Bing Ads and You: Synergizing Content Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

In the last post of this Bing Ads and You series, we discussed how a strong brand could lower the cost of search engine marketing and how to adopt content marketing to promote your brand. Since then, I have read Anders Hjorth’s, “The Missing Link in ...

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Bing Ads and you: Building your brand through content

Every business has a name, but that name does not become a brand until consumers understand the unique offers behind that name and associate it with the promised products and services. A brand takes time and resources to build, but it rewards handsom...

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Bing Ads and you: How to plan a successful PPC campaign

In the last post in the Bing Ads and You series, we went over collecting audience insights to anchor your marketing plan. Today, we will again leverage MaternaLIFT’s case study to illustrate how to plan a successful search engine marketing (SEM) camp...

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Bing Ads and You: Using Facebook Audience Insights to improve your CTR

When was the last time you even made eye contact with the salesperson at your favorite retail outlet, who could only manage to say “Hello,” as you walked briskly past? What if that salesperson already knew what you were looking for and could bring yo...

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Bing Ads and You: Does your campaign need a lift?

As a part of Bing Ads customer outreach program, we have been assisting several greater Seattle based merchants adopt digital advertisement to grow their business and collect their feedback to improve Bing Ads. MaternaLIFT, a company specializing...

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