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Search Predictions for 2015: The Industry Experts Weigh In

Foretelling the future has fascinated us since the 19th century, when methods as bizarre as observing a rooster pecking (alectromancy) and as common as creating earthen harmony (Feng shui) gave us a heads-up on what might be coming our...

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We Spend Where We Live: Why Local and Mobile Search are the Same Thing

The search industry has been abuzz this year with the growth of local and mobile search. Some prognosticators say it will be the end of desktop search, others suggest that it plays a complementary role. What we can say for sure is that it’s a...

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Looking for Your Next Customer? Reach Your Business Goals with Bing Ads

Whatever kind of business you run – a restaurant, an auto shop, a clothing boutique, or anything else, you know finding new customers is not easy. How do you attract customers in a cost-effective, convenient way? The answer may be in your hand –...

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Webinar: Ask Me Anything about Bing Ads on Friday, January 31st

How many times have you been working through your Bing Ads campaigns and thought to yourself, “I wonder if.…”? Or “Is it possible to….”? If you’ve been stockpiling your questions, now’s the time to let us at ‘em! On Friday, January 31, I’ll be...

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12 PPC Tips From the Experts to Start 2014 with a Bang

If you spend any time at digital marketing conferences around the world, the likelihood is you will have seen one of the below industry experts generously impart their wisdom during sessions. Following on the success of last year’s post – Bing...

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