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Welcome Bing Ads fans

Announcing the launch of Bing Ads fans. Fans can sign up to get key info for greater insight into Bing Ads with opportunities to improve product features and solve problems. Fans will be eligible for some Bing Ads exclusives as recognition for our highly engaged advocates.

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The Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing: Follow-up Q&A

The Art and Science of Ad Copy Testing: Follow-up Q&A

There are very few things we can do to actively influence our search audience. We don’t have music, dancing ponies or massive graphics; all we have is our ad copy. What we can do is influence our audience with smart, effective ad copy. In this webcas...

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Join Us for the Bing Ads Digital Marketing Return on Investment Webinar on January 23, 2014

Do you know the value of your digital marketing investment? Can you easily tell if search ads are paying off for your business? If you're not sure about either of these points, then you might consider registering for the upcoming Bing Ads Digital...

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