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Dare Obasanjo

Group Program Manager, Applications and Developer Platform

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How Your Feedback is Shaping Bing Ads – December 2014 Edition

As you’re likely aware, the Bing Ads engineering team regularly reviews submissions from our Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum (aka User Forum) to keep current on the top areas that you, our customer, would like us to invest in to make your...

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Tablet-Related Device Targeting Changes are Now Complete in Bing Ads

The previously announced device targeting changes to combine tablets and PCs into a single device target have now been completed. All existing and new campaigns that target PCs will also target tablets and vice versa. In addition, the range of...

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Tablet Related Device Targeting Changes in Bing Ads Begin Today

As mentioned in our June blog post, we are implementing a two-phased plan to simplify device targeting in Bing Ads. Since rolling out compatibility with Enhanced Campaigns, advertisers have told us that having both the enhanced campaigns model of...

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New in Bing Ads: View and Bulk Edit Up to 1 Million Keywords in the Web Interface

We frequently hear from our advertisers, especially those who manage accounts with lots of keywords that you would like the ability to do more in the web interface (UI). For example, you might often come to the web interface to check on account...

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Unified Device Targeting in Bing Ads: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions About Next Month’s Changes

In June, we announced a set of changes to how device targeting will work in Bing Ads. The first of these changes will occur in September when desktops, laptops and tablets will be combined into a single device target. A direct consequence of this...

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