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Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism for Search, Microsoft

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Top marketers’ secret recipe for increasing customer engagement

High CXQ Performers have discovered how to deliver on customer expectations by calling upon a blend of human creativity and machines. By harnessing AI and cognitive services, they can engage customers at scale in a personalised manner.

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Strategies for unprecedented times

These are unprecedented times. There are no playbooks for what to do next, but what’s certain is that consumer behavior is shifting, and we need to adjust our methods. Here are a few strategies, with a fresh approach that reflects the “new normal.”

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What is your customer profiling really doing for you?

Is your profiling enabling you to deliver tailored-fit, seamless interactions? We’ve gathered cutting-edge data and uncovered ways top marketers are rethinking customer profiling, to deliver highly personalised, customer-centric experiences and touchpoints.

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Digital assistants: Stylized science fiction or ready to go?

We ask Cortana about the weather. We request Alexa to turn on the lights. Over 500M people use a digital assistant of some kind. The advent of digital assistants is upon us and will once again require us to rethink everything we know about digital marketing.

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Ask and You Shall Receive: The Humanization of Search

In a world where we’re almost always connected to technology and devices, we have instant access to information wherever we are—causing a transformation to the search experience. Whether people realize it or not, search is embedded in their daily act...

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