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UK early summer travel insights

December 2021

In an airport, a businessman in a suit reads a newspaper and waits for his flight while another passenger walks to their gate.

As travel restrictions begin to ease in the UK, search and click volumes for various travel subcategories are correspondingly on the rise. Microsoft Advertising Insights found that Air Travel, Cruise, and Vacation Packages are leading this strong growth in search and click volume, though a large gap remains when comparing with 2019 numbers. However, Car Rentals are exceeding 2019 levels, while Hotels and Other Accommodations subcategories are seeing search volume in line with 2019. Despite this, cost per clicks (CPCs) remain below 2019 levels.

When looking at top destination searches, Spain ranks highest across all subcategories, with exponential growth compared with 2020. United States also ranks high across all categories, while France sees strong year-over-year growth for Hotels and Other Accommodations categories. As we look towards upcoming winter travel, we're seeing similar patterns to 2020 and are getting increasingly close to 2019 volume.

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