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Schuhe24 expands digital footprint with Microsoft Audience Network

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Footwear retailer increases reach while reducing CPCs

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Supporting local shoe retailers

Founded in 2013, Schuhe24 is now one of the leading eCommerce platforms for shoe and fashion retailers. Through a partnership, these retailers can sell shoes online via Schuhe24 throughout Europe, and benefit from the platform's popularity. With one click, the retailer goes live on 50 channels. Schuhe24 takes care of data maintenance, customer support, and does all the processing in the background. In this way, Schuhe24 now supports more than 3,500 specialist shops of local shoe retailers, who get the chance to be present in online trade and reach an audience of millions without great costs.

With more and more retailers joining the network, Schuhe24 is now also active in the textile, bag, sports, furniture, bicycle and jewelry sectors and is in the process of expanding to other sectors. In 2018, Schuhe24 even received the 2018 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for extraordinary performance and an innovative change in the market.

MSAN has helped us increase Schuhe24’s reach in the German market. We’ve been surprised but very happy that the CPCs in the campaign are so low.

— Adam Bojanczyk, Product Strategist, Smarketer

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Expanding the digital footprint

For almost 4 years, Schuhe24 has been supported in optimising and expanding their digital strategy by Smarketer, the leading search engine advertising (SEA) agency in Google and Microsoft Advertising. Smarketer's work focuses on individual consulting and the development of performance marketing strategies. As the international shoe market is highly competitive, one of the most important goals for Schuhe24 is to continuously increase the market presence of the retailers. For this reason, the focus of the SEA strategy, which was developed by experienced SEA experts individually for the business model of Schuhe24, is above all, the coverage of all touchpoints of the customer journey to increase efficiency.

Thanks in part to the close cooperation with Smarketer, Schuhe24 has been able to gain more visibility and reach and appeal to consumers from the first perception to the final purchase decision. Awarded as Google Premium Partner and Microsoft Advertising Global Channel Partner 2021, Smarketer supports more than 900 clients every day in achieving their goals.

Reaching audiences in new ways

In order to benefit from an optimal customer journey, it’s necessary to connect the individual touchpoints and merge them into a holistic system.

The potential to increase brand awareness and recognition is an ongoing challenge, especially due to the strong competitive situation in the industry. As Smarketer is a pioneer in the implementation of new approaches, we had the opportunity to test target group campaigns at Schuhe24. The Microsoft Audience Network (MSAN) represented a new opportunity to make remarketing more effective and increase the scalability of the account. While adhering to strict brand-safety standards, users could be contacted through image and feed-based ads with visual results. Through a variety of targeting methods, customers could be engaged across their entire customer journey. Existing customers were reached via customised remarketing lists, while new customer acquisition was ensured through the use of In-market Audiences. Broadcasting through native placements on global consortium partners such as MSN, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Edge increased reach and brand awareness across multiple channels.

Microsoft Audience Network delivers great results

In the first three months, between February and April 2021, a measurable increase in performance was achieved through the implementation of the Microsoft Audience Network campaigns, with a mix of dynamic remarketing lists and several market audiences. An additional 26% of impressions generated by the MSAN campaigns have increased the market presence of Schuhe24. In addition, clicks were increased by 15%, while average CPCs were 50% cheaper. This showed that with MSAN, it’s possible to achieve a large reach with much cheaper clicks. An impressive result was also achieved in terms of CPA, which was almost 50% lower for the MSAN campaigns than the CPA for the Shopping Campaigns.

As for the turnover generated by the MSAN-only campaigns, it doubled after two months between February and March 2021. Product Strategist at Smarketer, Adam Bojanczyk said: “MSAN has helped us increase Schuhe24’s reach in the German market, we’ve been surprised but very happy that the CPCs in the campaign are so low.”

Dr Dominik Benner, Managing Driector of Benner Holding GmbH who own Schuhe24 added: “We are pleased to see that MSAN has contributed positively to our market presence.”

Through the different targeting options in the MSAN campaigns, customers could be addressed across the entire customer journey.

— Adam Bojanczyk, Product Strategist, Smarketer

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