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Beauty & Personal Care search trends in Spain

February 2021

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  • Retail

How did the Beauty & Personal Care category in Spain perform throughout 2020? Microsoft Advertising Insights set out to answer this question. We looked at traffic trends, user activity by time of day, audience profiles, brand vs. generic term performance, bidding strategy performance and traffic source analysis to provide a holistic view of category performance.

Some key findings include:

  • Wave 1 of COVID-19 (March-May) in Spain highly impacted consumer interest in Beauty & Personal Care, and resulted in a significant increase in traffic.
  • The industry is now steadily recovering with growth in both traffic and clicks.
  • Generic term search traffic accounts for the vast majority of searches and clicks.
  • Automated Bidding Strategies are working well, especially eCPC and Target ROAS, which steadily grew click share throughout 2020.
  • Paid traffic to websites is gaining momentum and growing its share of total traffic.

Read the insights today to learn more about Beauty & Personal Care trends and what you can do to reach these shoppers.

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