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Italy’s Home and Garden trends

May 2021

The Italian Home and Garden industry peaked with the onset of COVID-19. In fact, during the first wave (March – May 2020), searches grew +78% year over year (YoY) and clicks grew +99% YoY. Microsoft Advertising Insights explored these growth trends to prepare advertisers for another surge in traffic, which is likely to occur this spring.

Generic queries accounted for the largest share of total traffic and clicks across all seasons, highlighting how important it is for advertisers to keep growing their generic keyword lists. However, although generic searches were more common, click through rates (CTRs) for brand queries were higher than generic queries across all seasons in 2020.

Given the growth seen last year and the continuation of restrictions in Italy due to COVID-19, we expect to see between a 49% and 78% YoY growth in the Home and Garden industry the rest of this calendar year. Make sure you’re prepared for this rise in demand over the next few months by downloading the insights today.

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