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France early summer travel insights

December 2021

In an airport terminal, a man and woman wait for their flight with suitcases as the woman looks at her mobile phone.

As travel restrictions begin to ease in France, search and click volumes for various travel subcategories are increasing. Microsoft Advertising Insights found that Air Travel, Hotels, and Cruises are showing the highest rate of recovery when it comes to search and click volumes, though a large gap remains when compared with 2019 numbers. Vacation Packages and Other Accommodations are still seeing volumes below those from 2019, while search and click volumes for Car Rentals now exceed 2019 numbers.

When looking at top destination searches, Spain has the highest year-over-year growth across multiple categories including Car Rentals, Vacation Packages, and Hotels. Italy is also a top grower across all categories, while Croatia is seeing strong year-over-year growth in the Cruise category. As we look towards upcoming winter travel, we are seeing similar patterns to 2019 and 2020.

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