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A sneak peek into the rise of consumer electronics search behaviours

June 2021

Consumer electronics search volume has been rising over the last year, and Microsoft Advertising Insights looked at trends to forecast what we expect demand to look like for the rest of 2021. Using the “PROPHET” forecasting model, we found an expected click growth of +18% YoY in just September to December 2021 alone. This isn’t entirely surprising given that our audience over-indexes on consumer electronics purchase intent compared to the average internet user. For example, with the average index being 100, Microsoft found that laptop purchase intent is 131 and desktops are 110.

For a while, last-click attribution was the norm of measurement in the digital advertising space. However, it’s not a completely balanced way of measuring attribution, as catching users in the awareness phase of their research can be predictive of their later purchase decision. Additionally, when using last-click only, brand queries lose importance. We saw only 8% of searches come from branded terms when using last-click, compared to 33% using multi-touch attribution.

To learn more about the increase in consumer electronics searches, as well as tips on how to best reach consumers prior to the Holiday season, download our insights.

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