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UK Computers & Consumer Electronics festive season 2021

August 2021

  • Article
  • Retail
  • Seasonal trend
  • Tech and telecom

New trends and changing consumer behaviours during the past year have rapidly shifted the UK’s retail landscape. These changes are reflected in search behaviours, with an increase in non-brand interaction, growth in mobile clicks, and more interactions with shopping ads.

In our recent retail ad effectiveness study, we found that users who are exposed to a brand’s ad in both search and native advertising environments are more likely to visit that brand’s website and convert. In fact, advertisers using both search and native were found to have a 3.5x higher conversion rate versus only search ad exposure!  Looking at the full consumer journey through multi-touch attribution, we see the full value of different search tactics. Ensure you have coverage and are using broader tactics to capture new and changing behaviours.

Download the attached insights for additional study results as well as key actions to prepare for the festive shopping season.

 Download the insights