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Automate more with labels in Microsoft Advertising Scripts

Do you want to have different rules to set budgets for your brand and non-brand campaigns? Do you want to mark keywords whose bid was recently changed via scripts, so that you can monitor their performance later? Do you want to update large numbers of keywords using scripts that cannot be processed within a single run?

If so, labels in Microsoft Advertising Scripts are here to help. Labels allow you to create customised tags to associate with your campaigns, ads groups, ads, or keywords. You can learn more about labels on our Help page. And utilising this powerful functionality in your scripts can help you manage your ad campaigns with even more flexibility. You can see examples of labels in scripts on our documentation page. Labels are an intelligent solution to help you make more informed marketing decisions, which means better results for your customers.

Labels in action

Let’s say you’re responsible for optimising ad campaigns for your business. You can run a script to find high-performing keywords with more than 500 clicks last week and label them as high_performing_keywords.  

Product view of Microsoft Advertising script function and label creation.
Example of the creation of a high_performing_keywords label and its use in a script. Click here to view and copy sample script.

You can then monitor these keywords on a regular basis by filtering on the keywords with the label high_performing_keywords and making necessary changes based on performance fluctuations. For example, if any of these keywords have fewer than 50 clicks a day, then increase the bid by 10%.

Product view of Microsoft Advertising Edit script function using a label.
Example of script using high_performing_keywords label. Click here to view and copy sample script.​

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