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Audience targeting solutions

Search advertising used to be solely focused on keyword queries, but these days that isn’t enough to reach people who are ready to buy. Microsoft Advertising can take you a step further towards reaching the right people in the right way. Our tools allow you the ability to customise the experience by using your own company data to connect it with keywords, demographics and the power of the Microsoft Graph, a rich data set that is constantly evolving, to deliver audience targeting that finds your absolute best possible customers. 

In everything we do at Microsoft Advertising, we put people first. We have principles we adhere to regarding ethics in how we handle data, as well as ethics in terms of development and usage of technology such as AI.

Today, we are announcing new audience targeting solutions in open beta that combine your secure customer data with new Microsoft technology to pinpoint your ideal customers when they’re ready to buy.

Product Audiences: Boost your shopping campaign’s performance with better conversion rates and lower cost per acquisition (CPA)

Product Audiences help connect customers to your product by creating remarketing lists for specific products in your shopping campaigns. Unique product IDs track what a customer interacts with while an ad display matches that product ID, helping you reach more customers who have a clear purchase intent.

Customers using the Product Audiences feature in our pilot study saw up to double the conversion rate (CVR) and a 40% lower CPA.

Similar Audiences: Increase conversion rates by finding prospects who are just like your best customers

Similar Audiences automatically finds new customers who have similar interests to your existing remarketing lists. These ‘look-alike’ prospects are a great fit for your business, increasing your conversion rates and ROI.

In early pilot studies, customers saw 70% higher conversion rates from Similar Audiences when compared to non-targeted users for the same ads.

Microsoft Audience Network solutions deliver compelling results

Many of our audience targeting products leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to optimise your message, make your campaign more efficient and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Built from the ground up as an AI-powered audience targeting solution, the Microsoft Audience Network places your advertising on premium sites that are brand safe including MSN,, Microsoft Edge and other partners. Customers can extend their search campaigns and get additional high-quality traffic from non-search placements. Having your message within the context of prime content generates greater results.

Marketers who run Microsoft Audience Network ads have seen:
  • 37% lift in searches post-exposure
  • 47% lift in clicks post-exposure

Advertiser success story

After beginning In-market Audiences and Universal Event Tracking (UET) on the Microsoft Audience Network in October 2017, lending company American Advisors Group (AAG) got the boost they needed:
  • Universal Event Tracking (UET) helped increase conversions by 32.8%
  • Microsoft Audience Ads now make up over 50% of the entire account.
Microsoft Audience Ads has allowed our business to be in front of tens of thousands of users with minimal setup time. It’s given us the opportunity to target the right people at the right moment and generate more qualified leads.

Vivian Dang, senior director of marketing analytics, AAG

Responsive search ads: Maximise performance with automated testing

Testing tens, hundreds, or even thousands of ad copies to achieve the perfect ad balance requires a lot of time and resources. Microsoft Advertising offers a powerful new way of helping you manage your ads with responsive search ads.

Responsive search ads make creating and testing ads easier by automating the creation of your ad. You can provide up to 15 headlines and 4 descriptions and we’ll create and match the most optimal combinations for the most effective ads.

The best performing ad combinations are automatically identified and reported to you, while the underperforming ads aren’t shown again, improving your campaign’s performance over time.

Campaign-level associations: Increase campaign efficiency

Make your campaign management easier with campaign-level associations for audience targeting. You can now associate audience lists and bid boosts at the campaign level.

Associations link your audience targeting list with your campaign or ad group. You can either show the ad to the audience or exclude the audience from seeing your ad.

Advertiser success story

In the year since online retail giant implemented Microsoft Audience Ads, they have:
  • Increased weekly click volume by 576%
  • Increased weekly revenue by 1,247%
  • Increased return on quarterly ad spend by 33%
If [businesses] are looking at any kind of win, any kind of incrementality when it comes to clicks and additional conversions, I would definitely suggest Microsoft Audience Ads.

Steven Sun, Senior Paid Search Manager, Overstock

We are thrilled to offer new audience targeting solutions that help you connect with more ideal customers and increase your advertising ROI.

Download the audience targeting playbook now to learn more about Microsoft Advertising audience targeting solutions.