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Intelligent Marketing Transformation – it’s happening now

Last week saw dmexco 2017 take place in Cologne, where Bing, and its parent Microsoft, took to the stage and discussed with customers, what this age of digital dominated by data intelligence really means for the world of marketing and showcased some of the tangible opportunities available to marketers today.
Some of the core areas addressed during the event included:
The importance of providing a seamless, intuitive and vibrant consumer experience that adds value regardless of where and how called upon by the user
Rik van der Kooi, cvp Microsoft Search Advertising took to the stage with partner BMW, to talk about how elements of digital transformation, such as incorporating digital assistants into cars, now mean the car itself is an example of screen-less computing. Together, they explained how Microsoft Azure is helping BMW seamlessly deliver services such as traffic conditions or calendar updates in real time – concluding that this consumer engagement also helps deepen user understanding from a marketing perspective, too.

The power and importance of search within the marketing mix, today and in the future -
Search is the world’s largest and most candid focus group delivering deep consumer insight and its intelligence is integral to powering machine learning and AI.  Christi Olson, Head of Search Evangelism, shared with the Experience Hall audience that AI amplifies human ingenuity, allows marketers to reason over their data and understand their customers through more natural forms of input. She concluded with the reminder that voice search is becoming the method of choice for tactical and effective marketing.
How to prepare for this new level of automation across the business –
Get started with freely available tools to optimise for voice search, conversational computing and to build a branded bot.  Adrian Cutler, Global Agency Director, participated in a panel to talk through with other industry experts about the rise of voice search and digital assistants. They spoke through how this new realm of engagement is allowing marketers to act on and react to intent, meaning they can reach a much richer pool of people, more effectively.
René Brandel also discussed all things automated with a presentation on chatbots, whilst on the second day, Steve Sirich spoke about AI and bots on the Debate Hall.
In summary, the age of digital transformation is here. Now more than ever, marketers need intelligent connections that transform marketing.
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