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Improve your ad extension management with account level association for extensions

Account level association for extensions allows you to add and edit ad extensions at the account level under the All Campaigns set-up. This new feature can help save you time and helps to provide consistency across advertising platforms.  Associating extensions at the account level ensures that your extensions apply automatically to all existing and new campaigns improving CTR of their ads.  

Bing Ads product screenshot showing where to do account level association

You can create account-level extensions by choosing All Campaigns in the left navigation bar and selecting Account within the Ad Extension tab.

Things to know

  1. This update applies to all ad extensions except for call extensions and sitelinks, which have not yet been upgraded to the new sitelink experience.
  2. After this update, you can associate up to 20 extensions at the account level, except for Image extensions, where the limit is 6.
  3. Account level association settings will be ignored if campaign/ad group settings are specified.
Account level association for extensions is available through the Bing Ads UI, Google Import, Bing Ads API and Bulk Upload. This feature will be rolling out to all Bing global markets over the next few weeks.

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