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Microsoft adCenter is Now Bing Ads and Introducing the Yahoo! Bing Network

We’re pleased to announce Bing Ads as the new name for Microsoft Advertising adCenter, the tool you use to manage search ads on the Yahoo! Bing Network. 

Bing Ads is not only a new name, but an improved experience with new features to help you better manage your campaigns and complete tasks faster. If you’ve been following along here on the blog, you know that we’ve been listening to your feedback and have been hard at work making a number of enhancements to the platform over the past few months. Recent improvements include: a new web interface, improved ad rotation controls, and agency enablement tools that make it easier for agencies to manage multiple accounts.

With these updates and others that are planned, we think it will be easier than ever before for customers to create, manage, and optimize search ads on The Yahoo! Bing Network.

Introducing the Yahoo! Bing Network

In addition to Bing Ads, we’d like to take a moment to introduce to you the Yahoo! Bing Network, the new name for the unique audience that uses Yahoo! Search, and Bing, and our partner sites. Delivering a high-quality audience, the Yahoo! Bing Network is comprised of 151 million unique searchers in the U.S. who are likely to spend 24% more than the average searcher, and likely to spend 5% more than Google searchers in the U.S.*.

Bing Ads helps you efficiently reach new customers, providing you with the support you need to get started, optimize your campaign and measure your results - all within your budget.

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*Source: US, comScore Core Search (custom), June 2012