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New online search training courses available on Learning Lab

New online search training courses available on Learning Lab

Learning Lab, Microsoft Advertising’s hub for all things learning, has been updated with new resources to help you grow your Microsoft Advertising knowledge and optimize your campaign success.

The new resources include 13 foundation-level search product and feature courses on topics including UET and conversion tracking, Microsoft Advertising Editor, Google Import, bidding and budgets, and more. The online, on-demand courses are created using a learner-led format that puts you in charge. Rather than listening to a recorded voiceover and continually hitting the “next” button, you can scroll through the course content at your own pace, engage with interactive content, and check out useful how-to links.

We’ve also added three new learning paths and certification exams to help you organize and focus your learning and prove your expertise across Microsoft Advertising solutions. Interested in learning more about certifications? Check out the Search Advertising learning path. If you’re interested in learning more about display advertising, use the Native & Display learning path. Try the Shopping learning path to learn about setting up your merchant store, shopping, and smart shopping campaigns.

We’ve also retired a significant number of old Learning Lab courses. This means it’s easier than ever to find the courses you’re looking for.

Snapshot of the Search Advertising Learning Path page.

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