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Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner spotlight: Tug Agency

In September, we announced the winners and finalists of the Microsoft Advertising Partner Celebration. Now, we want to put these Celebrated Partners in the spotlight. We interviewed the seven winners to get an inside look on these companies, their history, objectives, partnership with Microsoft Advertising and more.

Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner, UK — Tug

Asher Gordon, Head of Biddable Media, Tug Agency

Microsoft Advertising: Tell us about your company — its history, and current objectives.

Tug was founded in London in 2006 and now has offices in London, Berlin, Toronto and Sydney. Its roots are in search marketing, but is now a full-service Digital Performance agency, meaning everything we do is measurable and accountable.

What is your company’s vision/mission/specialisation?

We are Performance Led, Client Service Driven. At Tug, we make sure that we are constantly focused on delivering the best results for our clients and making sure they understand how we do it. It starts by investing client budgets like it’s our own and continues with regular improvements, optimisation and growth.

What product features offered by Microsoft Advertising do you rely on the most to achieve your vision?

As an agency we are all about tailored, relevant, results at scale. That’s why we use ad customisers to help achieve our vision. Not only can we create targeted ads that are location, device or audience specific, we can save time when we do and invest the time we save to drive even better results for our clients.

How does your company embody inclusivity and giving?

We know that diversity breeds innovation and recognise that the best ideas come from a coherent mix of ambitious people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and different outlooks. We’ve always been an international agency, and we aim to continue to diversify our workforce across gender, sexuality, race, age, background and faith as the agency grows.

We regularly choose charities to support either physically or financially. Often these are charities dear to the heart of our staff and our clients, or represent a real global need. Our support ranges from international to local initiatives.

How have you adapted to recent changes in consumer trends brought about by COVID-19?

First and foremost, our team did what we do best; analysis! Clients have been affected differently so we created bespoke roadmaps and plans based on different verticals. We have kept up with how consumer trends changed, at the start, and how they have continued to evolve. More consumers are working from home and spending more time online, which is why we took the opportunity to use the Microsoft Audience Network to put our clients in front of consumers on websites where they are spending more of their time.

The team from Tug, Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partner award winners for September 2020.  

Congratulations to Tug Agency and a huge thank you to all those that submitted nominations. Don’t miss our spotlights on Celebrated Partners from the US, Canada, France, Australia, Netherlands and Germany! The next round of nominations for Microsoft Advertising Celebrated Partners will be accepted 5-15 April 2021.

If you haven’t enrolled in the Microsoft Advertising Partner Program yet, make sure that you apply at so you’re eligible for the next round.

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