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DMEXCO 2019 Trusted Partnership Interview Series: Tradedoubler

Jon Burkhart interviews Tradedoubler on the Microsoft Stage at DMEXCO 2019

As part of the Trusted Partnership Interview Series at DMEXCO 2019, keynote speaker and author Jon Burkhart talked to Claudia Batschi-Rota (Country Manager, Tradedoubler) about building an environment of trust and transparency for brands in a time of information overload.

Batschi-Rota explained that it’s important for brands to identify the best channel to amplify their message to their desired audiences. “Who says what, in which channel and with which effect? This question was put about 70 years ago as the base of communications in politics, speeches, messaging and marketing. The world out there is full of garbage information. It’s a key moment to make sure the environment we place our brands in is a trusted one, a high quality one and one where I, as a brand, want it to be in to better reach my audience and get the effect I expect.”

Watch the full interview with Claudia Batschi-Rota from Tradedoubler below.