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Work smart: Automate your tasks with Bing Ads Scripts

Are you spending too much time on performing repetitive tasks and common multi-step operations while managing your campaigns? Do you wish you could get that time back to focus on tasks that matter most to you and your business? If so, Bing Ads Scripts can help you do the heavy lifting. This new beta feature now rolling out lets you access and manage your campaigns using simple JavaScript in the Bing Ads browser-based script editor. You can perform highly customized tasks without having to rely on technical developers or extensive API coding. This will save you time, energy, and an upfront financial investment.

How can automation help me?

Let’s say you manage ad campaigns for a retail store chain. With the holiday season right around the corner, you decide that you’d like to fine-tune your keyword bids based on conversion rate. More specifically, you want to update all your ad groups, across all your accounts, for items on sale by increasing bids for those with above X% conversion rate and by decreasing your bids otherwise. With Bing Ads Scripts, it’s a snap—and you can even schedule your script to run automatically every Monday so that you don’t have to run it manually each week.
Product view of Bing Ads Edit script function
Example of script to pause all active ads with less than 100 impression last week within ad groups with names containing “coupons” across all accounts. Click here to view and copy sample script.

What else can I do with scripts?

This beta release feature allows you to perform customized actions for the following available scenarios:  
  1. Manage campaigns, ad groups, keywords, and ads. Example tasks:
    • Turn on and off campaigns linked to a launch or sale.
    • Pause entities when merchandise is out of stock.
    • Easily move budgets between campaigns.
    • Schedule intraday bid adjustments based on custom events.
    • Increase broad match keyword bids by 25% for keywords that generated more than 500 clicks last week.
  2. Monitor performance metrics. Example tasks:
    • Monitor your account health by conducting audits.
    • Simplify computing benchmarks.
  3. Manage negative keyword lists. Example tasks:
    • Easily apply negative keyword lists across multiple campaigns or accounts.
    • Identify conflicting negative keywords.
  4. Fetch data from external URLs. Example tasks:
    • Pause all ads with Final URLs that have a 404 error message.
    • Optimise bids based on weather.
  5. Search with filters. Example task:
    • Automate templates, including combinations of filters and multiple time periods.
  6. Make changes across multiple account at once. Example tasks:
    • Apply changes across multiple accounts at once to help with a restructure.
    • Enable or pause seasonal campaigns across all of your accounts.

Reuse your Google Ads scripts

If you already have scripts aligned to the functions above, you can reuse your Google Ads scripts by simply copying and pasting them. When you run or preview scripts, Bing Ads will automatically find and replace names of objects that need to be changed and align them to our platform. Please note that functions that are not supported by Bing Ads Scripts will automatically be flagged as an unrecognised symbol (indicated by a red squiggly underline).
Product view of Bing Ads script example
Example of the method name “labels” marked as unrecognised as labels are not yet supported. Click here to view and copy sample script.

What are the steps to automate tasks using Bing Ads Scripts?

  1. Create new scripts. These can be new JavaScript scripts, predefined script examples from resource documents, or supported scripts copied and pasted from Google Ads.
  2. Preview your scripts to validate that each script is accurate for the intended task.
  3. Review scripts created in your account to ensure that your account is optimised for scripts.
  4. Schedule your scripts. Select whether you want to run now, once at a later date and time, or on a recurring basis.
  5. Review log and troubleshoot as needed. Check to see if your scripts ran successfully and easily troubleshoot failed runs with readily available details.
To get started with Bing Ads Scripts or leverage code examples, see How can I automate my campaigns with Bing Ads Scripts?

Helpful hints:
  • To run a script to make changes within a single account, go to Bulk Operations then Scripts under the Campaigns workspace.
  • To run a script to make changes across multiple accounts, go to Bulk Operations then Scripts under the Accounts Summary workspace.
  • Spreadsheet services (SpreadsheetApp) used to access, create and modify spreadsheets are not yet supported.

Questions or comments?

If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to contact us via Twitter, visit the Bing Ads Feature Suggestion Forum, or send your feedback directly to